The options, whether you like them or not:

  1. Do not travel.
    You might even get things done with a video or phone call.
  2. Bike
  3. Train. Pro-tip: book early and the pricing will be lower.
  4. Bus. (Flixbus also has low rates for early birds)
  5. Car share , even via or
  6. Taxi, Uber has an option to get electric cars only 🙂
  7. Hybrid ( a combination )
  8. Take the plane / cruise-ship anyway, but compensate the footprint
    Also: when taking planes: (based on European trip-distances) the most pollution comes from takeoff. Avoid flights with plane-transfers as you will pollute twice (or more) to get up in the air. Fly non-stop if you can, see screenshot from google flights
Google fights: Amsterdam (schiphol airport) to Athens. 1 stop versus non-stop. Non-stop has less CO2 emissions.


Planes are a nightmare, and compensation of the footprint may sound nice, but how sure are we that the forests that will be planted won’t be planted anyway or that they will exist for a lifetime?

Many people will just not know how great the international trains network is and take a plane from Amsterdam to , say Berlin or Paris, while the high speed train saves you headaches and runs on pure electricity.

Example routes

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Online planners All destinations by train : Buy European train & bus tickets, the safe and simple way

Train map / How far can you go by train in 5h?

Other websites Calculate the amount of CO2 for bus/coach, train, car (EV and petrol), plane
UK only ->

Nightjet trains

See also: and SAS explaining their environmental story (including biofuel and onboard sustainable packaging)